Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moment with Marty Markowitz S chnorrer

I was in the park on Saturday the 20th with my friend Shelley Prospect Park in Brooklyn
At grand Army Plaza they were giving out free yoga bags If you signed up for the class for 20 minutes Marty Markowitz was promoting the classes for yoga. Remember you can only have the yoga bag if you take the classes for 20 minutes.  I am a schnorrer so I sign up for the class for the yoga bag. I say I will be-right back.  ye right . What was Marty Markowitz Excuse  for taking the yoga bag. His excuse was maybe my wife will use it to take yoga. His the Borough Pres.Of Brooklyn.  He can afford to buy a yoga bag and pay for yoga classes. He also had his bodyguard  carry the yoga bag back for him

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ree fly said...

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