Sunday, November 30, 2008

Schnorring w/ Shelly at the Museum

I was just sitting at home and I was thinking about some of my favorite schnorrer moments. Here is one that I like to talk about. My friend Shelly and I often visit the Metropolitan Museum to see what's new with the pictures. When we go to the museum we wait for someone to come out and ask them if we can have their pin. The Met gives you a pin as verification that you have paid admission. Now my son alwasy asks, "why you do asks for the pin to get in, if it is suggested donation anyway." I tell him "suggested donation or no suggetsted donation; nothing in life is free." It is the art of being a schnorrer, which I would like to mention, an art I have crafted. Plus I like the pins as a souvenier. Well that is my first schnorrer story of many to come. Now is your turn. I am looking forward to reading your Great Shnorrer Stories.

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